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Welcome to Hinkebein Hills Farm Where you can buy the freshest beef and pork products from local farmers. We offer a variety of services including:

      Custom Butchering

       Custom Smoking and Curing


    Retail and Whole sale 

 Deer Processing

          Hinkebein Hills Farm provides locally raised beef and pork products, as well as free-range chickens and farm fresh eggs. With producing our own animals and the help of local farmer we can provide the very best and freshest products thru our retail store and for custom butchering. Hinkebein Hills Farm is a  processing facility with a retail store with freshly cut steak, sausages, seasonings, sauces and butchering supplies. We provide custom meat processing for farmer or  individuals who choses to raise there own animals .  

       We provide a full line menue for catering wedding, parties, family reunions or any other gathering. We can provide all the food and supplies or just meat or sides only. If you have your own meat product we provide custom smoking  or supply you with some of our award winning smoked meats product from pork ribs, butts, loins, whole hog to beef brisket or smoked chicken. 

        We provide you with a full line of deer processing from skinning and processing to jerky, snackstick, and summer sausages with cheese or Jalapeno peppers added. We have hot to very mild sausages and snackstick. If you have your own flavor bring it and we will make that for you as well.

          You can come by our retail store or call for information about our products or services.


Buying locally raised meat products
supports local farmers.

434 Whispering Wind Lane Cape Girardeau,  Missouri 63701     
Monday-Friday 8am-5pm &  Saturdays 8am-12pm    

Or call 573-332-8530 or e-mail